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    Date posted: May 11, 2011 Author: jolanta

    Oujin, Zachary Bako

    Oujin, Zachary Bako

    Zachary Bako


    I am interested in the creative and mental process that leads to the completion of a finished piece of artwork.

    In October of 2010, I followed five contemporary Chinese artists in Beijing, documenting a single day out of each of their lives. This exhibition denotes my time spent with Oujin, an emerging artist. As Oujin spent his day creating, his wife Cai Qian focused on his well-being.

    I began this series because of my attraction to the journey one must take in order to finish a piece of artwork. Each artist’s approach is different; motivation and style come at different speeds. Regardless of lifestyle, each artist consistently possessed a strong personal drive. For example, Oujin’s ability to successfully create artwork is relative to his ability to focus. All of his attention and energy was directed towards his current project, while Cai Qian focused on their domestic responsibilities.

    Observing the connection between artist and artwork is fascinating and inspiring. Being able to witness the progression of a single day with artists gave me insight into who they are and how they work. I was not only introduced to fellow artists, but to genuine family men and women and to people of extreme talent and motivation.

    My main objective was to document the day’s progression to observe habits, to identify with personal characteristics, and to examine the way of life of a diverse group of Chinese contemporary artists.

    This project began in Beijing and I will be traveling back in the fall of 2011 to continue my documentation.

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