• Waltraud Kunz

    Date posted: October 18, 2012 Author: jolanta

    In my artwork I seek a way to give expression to my subjective experience. All pictures are a wrestle with the essential nature of the human being, both as an individual and as part of the masses. They are an invitation to embark on a journey into the INNER-SELF that can enable the viewer to go beyond the portrayed images and unlock personal ciphers lying within the unknown.

    My work is always inspired by an intuitive feeling. I regard my paintings as the outcome of a feeling at the time of their creation, not so much as the expression of visual ideas. The images seem raw, in other words: purely and simply emotional – and visual expression seems to me the best way to articulate such emotions.


    *** This article was published by NY Arts Magazine, 2011. NY Arts Magazine is published by Abraham Lubelski. Sponsored by Broadway Gallery, NYC and World Art Media.

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