• Vishal Misra

    Date posted: July 24, 2012 Author: jolanta
    My process begins with a faithful realistic image, capturing the idea in form and flesh. Then I represent my internal conflict by attempting to make it abstract within the illusion of the figures. The lines symbolize echoes of the past, the present line of vision or the future desires – which resonate for all.  Figures threatening to disappear in the smaller details of the greater form are analogous to the feeling I have, in search for my own reality. In all of my forms are presented as ethereal thoughts floating on the canvas.  In addition, I also use different symbols and corporeal forms to render a sub-conscious message so as understand how the eye (or really the human mind) perceives and interprets information. This is one of the reasons my works never reveal the “true eyes” in the figures I draw. To me people without eyes depicts an escape from paradigms, so as to be able to chase that unattainable dream. I want to show – how often the information supplied to the human brain is disillusioned with past personal experiences and future desires which are not necessarily true interpretations.  However, based on these illusions, everyone wears a personalized mask that hides the private self, the private face; antithetical to notions of ‘true self’.  Each painting of mine has a deeper emotional resonance. I want to evoke a basic desire from art lovers who take time to gaze at my work – I want them to see a reflection their own thoughts or their personal experience.

    I like the use of acrylic.  My colors are bold, spontaneous and continuously inter-playing within the background contrast of light and dark.


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