• Tribute to Errors and Leftovers with Konrad Smolenski and Daniel Szwed

    Date posted: November 6, 2013 Author: mauri
    Image courtesy of Fridman Gallery.

    Image courtesy of Fridman Gallery.

    Dressed only in balaclavas and pants, Daniel Szwed and Konrad Smolenski unleash a dynamic three hour sound explosion as part of Performa 13. Fresh from representing Poland in the Venice Biennale, Smolenski sets the tone in deafening fashion with his custom electric instrument modeled after a tomahawk missile, while Szwed mounts a particularly violent assault on his drum set. Brazen and raucous as this may seem at first, the duo has quite the knack for structuring the performance around a balance between louder sonic explosions and more subdued passages of feedback and white noise. It is a series of performances that is set to evolve with each iteration of the event, culminating with a four person collaboration on Thursday evening featuring Dean Spunt of No Age. With visual elements contributed by renowned painter Radek Szlaga, Tribute to Errors and Leftovers presents one stop on your Performa circuit that is certainly not to be missed.

    Tribute to Errors and Leftovers
    Radek Szlaga and Konrad Smolenski


    Fridman Gallery
    New York City



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