• Tom Erik Andersen

    Date posted: July 24, 2012 Author: jolanta


    I see everything, I hear everything and it is my curse.




    Courtesy of the artist.


    Tom Erik Andersen



    ” what you see is not what you get “

    When I close my eyes I can see everything. And with closed eyes I enter into my inner universe, where i do not get in the way of the surreal. I’m just a tool.

    My images come from within, but inspiration comes from outside. The pictures are me.

    The images turn off all the noise and communicate with us nonverbally.

    Noise is always short on time, but in front of the artwork it stops and remains quiet.

    Content is always the most important and it communicates with the heart and mind and hopefully you. I hope it will let you lift an eye to heaven conscious of your fleeting time here.

    I give you the image that you have inspired me to paint. I see everything, I hear everything and it is my curse. I am not afraid. I just close my eyes and float into the darkness where the images are released. They are numerous small white  stars in the night sky. One by one, I pick them. There is much to do, but I have a good time.

    There are endless images in the illuminated darkness …


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