• The Sum of All Colors

    Date posted: April 6, 2011 Author: jolanta

    Churner and Churner is pleased to announce the gallery’s inaugural exhibition: “No Man’s Land” by Joianne Bittle. “No Man’s Land” brings together two series of Bittle’s work: a recently completed group of paintings of jackrabbits (2008-2011) and the first of a series of portable dioramas. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York.

    “No Man’s Land” presents the multiple facets of Bittle’s artistic practice. As a professional diorama maker for the American Museum of Natural History, Bittle works with a technical precision honed through years of adherence to the strict conventions of her craft. Such precision is found in her paintings and drawings as well; the works from the studio, however, are noticeably freer in execution, and they manipulate subjects in a way that blends scientific research and artistic invention.

    A prominent theme in Bittle’s work is natural history: “the history of animals that exist in large numbers, with consideration of the unknowable nature of the animals’ instinctual motives within their environment.” She is fascinated by the intersection of abundance and fragility, as her jackrabbit painting attest; this animal of prey is known for its reproductive power and ability to survive in the scrappiest of conditions.

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