• Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston TX Oct 20-23, 2011

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    Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Houston TX Oct 20-23, 2011

    Texas Contemporary Website

    Exhibiting Galleries

    ACME. Los Angeles
    Art Palace Houston
    Artpace San Antonio
    Ballroom Marfa Marfa
    Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center San Antonio
    Boltax Gallery Shelter Island / New York
    Bryan Miller Gallery Houston
    Catharine Clark Gallery San Francisco
    Champion Austin
    Charlie James Gallery Los Angeles
    Cosmocosa Buenos Aires
    David Shelton Gallery San Antonio
    DCKT Contemporary New York
    Dean Project New York
    Eli Ridgway Gallery San Francisco
    (formerly Baer Ridgway Exhibitions)
    Exquisite Corpse Booksellers Houston
    Fred Torres Collaborations New York
    Fredericks & Freiser New York
    Fredric Snitzer Gallery Miami
    Gallery Sonja Roesch Houston
    Gering and Lopez New York
    Inman Gallery Houston
    Jack Fischer Gallery San Francisco
    Jenkins Johnson Gallery San Francisco
    Kopeikin Gallery Culver City
    Lawrence Markey San Antonio
    Lawrimore Project Seattle
    Lennon, Weinberg New York
    Like the Spice Gallery Brooklyn
    Contemporary Annapolis
    Manneken Press Bloomington
    Mindy Solomon Gallery St. Petersburg
    Misako and Rosen Tokyo
    Moody Gallery Houston
    Morgan Lehman New York
    Muriel Guepin Gallery Brooklyn
    Nancy Hoffman Gallery New York
    Paul Thiebaud Gallery San Francisco
    P.P.O.W New York
    Project Row Houses Houston
    PX Photography New York
    Rena Bransten Gallery San Francisco
    Rice University Art Gallery Houston
    Samuel Freeman Los Angeles
    Sicardi Gallery Houston
    Steve Turner Contemporary Los Angeles
    Susan Inglett Gallery New York
    Tally Beck Contemporary Bangkok / New York
    Texas Gallery Houston
    Turner Carroll Gallery Santa Fe
    Wade Wilson Gallery Houston

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