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Sunscreen at Graham

Featuring: Seth Adelsberger, Trudy Benson, Michael Dotson, Henry Gunderson, Eric Shaw, Russell Tyler, Siebren Versteeg, Max Warsh Sunscreen July 10-August 28, 2014 James Graham & Sons Gallery 32 East 67th St. New York City graham1857.com

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One Burning Question with Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin is a truly versatile artist who moves easily between energetic paintings to immersive, otherworldly installations. No medium is out of bounds as she works with everything from airport runway paint, to birthday candles, and even chicken eggs. In this week’s One Burning Question, we ask Rachel who she wants to start an art […]

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One Burning Question with Trudy Benson

NY Arts Magazine: Please tell us something about your work that often gets overlooked by the unfamiliar or untrained eye. Trudy Benson: I’ve had more than a few studio visits start out with some kind of, “Oh, I get it now,” comment. It’s obvious that the most common mode of consumption of painting today is via […]

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