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Robert Henry Contemporary: Connecting the Dots

Robert Walden and Henry Chung of Robert Henry Contemporary are a making a life in the art world work for them. The gallery they run together is a collaborative project, so it comes with the territory.  As Robert points out, “there is always a give and take…just like anything else in life.” While the cooperative […]

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Richard Garrison at Robert Henry Contemporary

Repackaged is a continuation of Richard Garrison’s analysis of ubiquitous materials, objects and places from the suburban, often consumer related, American landscape, such as Sunday newspaper sale circulars, parking lot colors, product packaging, Disney World and Wal-mart, among others. Garrison’s recontextualization of aspects of consumer culture affords us a new perspective on commonplace objects, places […]

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Ben Pritchard on James Cullinane: Into a Place Beyond

It is always a joy to see an exhibition that immediately establishes a specific intention. It is even more enjoyable when the artist goes about exploring and developing this intention and pushes a way of working into a place beyond an initial thematic logic, into something or somewhere else. James Cullinane’s show Limbus at Robert […]

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Time Times Three

NY Arts Magazine joined Robert Henry Contemporary (56 Bogart, Brooklyn) for the opening reception of Time Times Three, an exhibition of three artists exploring time-space relationships. The gallery is brightened by Pancho Westeendarp’s dreamy cyan colorfield; 73 photographic prints scale the white wall, forming an anomalous shape. Victoria Burge paints and draws on cosmology prints […]

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