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Reconstructing Individuality: Groundbreaking Korean Artists

Hyongyon Park Drawing deeply from Korean Shamanism, also known as Mugyo, Hyongyon’s images are constructed of mysterious and otherworldly figures depicted as shaman. As a descendant of the Heavenly King, a shaman connects the physical world to the spiritual world seeking to help overcome people’s negative emotions and spiritual weaknesses. This healer, however, is often […]

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Rebuilding Subliminal Models: the work of Malcolm Morley

Malcolm Morley’s paintings share a connection with Pop Art—but he isn’t a Pop Artist. He created his work using methods similar to the Photorealists—but he isn’t one of those either. The artist just does not fit into any one particular genealogy; this connection to Photorealism, or Superrealism—as he named it—was discarded by the artist in […]

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