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Reconstructing Individuality: Groundbreaking Korean Artists

Hyongyon Park Drawing deeply from Korean Shamanism, also known as Mugyo, Hyongyon’s images are constructed of mysterious and otherworldly figures depicted as shaman. As a descendant of the Heavenly King, a shaman connects the physical world to the spiritual world seeking to help overcome people’s negative emotions and spiritual weaknesses. This healer, however, is often […]

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Bianca Sforni at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery

Bianca Sforni: Trees from the Pacific Shores May 29-July 12, 2014 Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery 547 W 27th St. 2nd Floor New York City miyakoyoshinaga.com

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The Religious Art of Mummification

Mick Rampartha is an oddball experimental American poet. Most of his work is in haiku form and plays with the most banal and primitive attributes of life. A few weeks before he brought me to the Mother Cabrini Shrine and the Cloisters, Mick had his prostate removed. I was the first person to visit him […]

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Volta10: Patrick Jacobs

Patrick Jacobs intentionally blurs boundaries between the traditional artistic media of painting, sculpture, and photography in his works. At the same time, they present the viewer with a spatial and perceptual conundrum; we are drawn into a space at once determinate and infinite, natural and contrived, prosaic and otherworldly. VOLTA10 June 16–21, 2014 Viaduktstrasse 10 […]

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Volta10 Preview: Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea continues to push his fantastic photographic tableaux, maneuvering from the wildly complex multiple self-portraits that he perfected in the previous decade to conceptual territories of displacement and alienation in unpopulated hybrid landscapes. VOLTA10 June 16–21, 2014 Viaduktstrasse 10 Basel Switzerland voltashow.com Guest of Honor Preview Monday, June 16, 10 am – 12 pm […]

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As one of the largest visual art event of widely recognized international photography, photoEspana offers a great opportunity for projects including photography, video, installation, and the work of both leading and new visual artists internationally. photoEspana June 4-July 27, 2014 Verónica 13 Madrid Spain phe.es

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Tracing Identity with Namsa Leuba

Emese Krunak-Hajagos: The topic for this year’s Contact Festival is Identity, involving ancestry, history and society, and how the individual’s sense of self is shaped by them. How do you feel about your mixed African-European background? Namsa Leuba: I think to be a mix of cultures is a great wealth. I am an African-European, born […]

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Flesh Collage: The Work of Chambliss Giobbi

Our times are the times of materialistic values, of greed, of self-indulgence. Herod is dancing in Chambliss Giobbi’s Tanz für mich, Salome!, inspired by Richard Strauss’ very modern opera based on the Oscar Wilde play Salome. Giobbi loved the music but has turned the story around and made Herod the one dancing. This collage is […]

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Playing G.I. Joes with Jacolby Satterwhite

NY Arts: Has your approach to art always been associated with performance art? Jacolby Satterwhite: No, I started with drawing and painting; however, the images I’ve been making since childhood have been performative and used the figure as a compositional pivot. Ten years into my painting practice, I became exhausted by painting’s history because it’s […]

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Pam White

The field of possibilities seems endless and confusing until I look for a place to put a color, then another. A line might turn into a shape or ask for more color. Once it starts, the balance swings from my hand to the painting. What does it want; equivalence, harmony, or is tension part of […]

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