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One Burning Question with Ted Gahl

Ted Gahl’s paintings resist definition. Working mostly in abstraction, Gahl’s works often incorporate drawn elements and concise written phrases into their seemingly deep layers of gestural accumulation. Just as serious about abstraction as he is interested in cultural reference and the occasional joke, the artist unveils a longtime art crush in this week’s One Burning […]

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One Burning Question with Peter Demos

Peter Demos isn’t afraid to trim things back. Using a strategically reduced color palette and limiting his language of abstraction at every turn, his work is hard-edged, bold, and easy to identify as his own. To someone who just came across the work, it may look quite compositionally homogenous. In this week’s One Burning Question, […]

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One Burning Question with Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin is a truly versatile artist who moves easily between energetic paintings to immersive, otherworldly installations. No medium is out of bounds as she works with everything from airport runway paint, to birthday candles, and even chicken eggs. In this week’s One Burning Question, we ask Rachel who she wants to start an art […]

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One Burning Question with Vince Contarino

Vince Contarino’s vivid abstractions make harmonious compositions out of seemingly disparate forms. Smoky swaths of brushwork melt in and out between elements of rigidly concise geometrical arrangements. Hear him tell NY Arts about one of his pivotal influences in this week’s release of our One Burning Question.

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One Burning Question with Esther Ruiz

Esther Ruiz’s dynamic sculpture combines diverse materials such as concrete, plexiglas, natural stone, and neon, fusing the natural with the manufactured. Bright colors contrast with more subdued hues of nature, creating an ethereal effect. Her work plays with ideas of the future, tying technology to the environment in innovative ways.

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One Burning Question With Matt Mignanelli

NY Arts Magazine: Who is your most cherished “Art Crush?”  Matt Mignanelli: I’ve long admired the works of Ellsworth Kelly. The paintings have always spoken to me in a unique way, leaving memorable impressions with each encounter. There is a calm for me within his simplicity. His works exude a power that commands a space, […]

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