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Irena Jurek Talks Art and Danger with Leah Dixon

Irena Jurek: You just came back from participating in the Nicaraguan Biennial, how was your experience? Leah Dixon: Incredible. I’m still processing everything. The curator, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, picked a group of international artists to work together and collaborate, and in general make responsive works. His intuition was spot-on. We worked together and collaborated with intense […]

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Leah Oates Asks Associated Gallery the Hard Questions

Associated Gallery is an artist run space fueled by the combined energies of artists Jen Hitchings, Theresa Daddezio, and Julian Jimarez-Howard. They recently got together with Leah Oates to talk about what it means to be young artists running a gallery out of Bushwick. Leah Oates: How did Associated Gallery form and what is your collective vision for […]

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Theo Rosenblum’s Grim Equality with Vito Schnabel

Theo Rosenblum’s third solo show with Vito Schnabel features a series of black, monochromatic reliefs, which are a shift from the artist’s typically colorful and ebullient, pop-infused sculptures. The show is a darkly romantic meditation on the power dynamics of predator and prey, as well as death and the manifold forms it takes on, both […]

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Jesse Greenberg’s Sensual Materialism at Derek Eller Gallery

For his first solo exhibition in New York, Jesse Greenberg reveals himself as a sensual materialist who balances freely between the two seemingly incongruous worlds of the natural and synthetic. The works range in scale from midsized to small sculptures and reliefs, and are arranged in a way that is comfortable, intimate, and results in […]

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Irena Jurek talks Honesty and Sex with Barnett Cohen

Irena Jurek: Why did you choose to call your newest video, Radical Honesty? Barnett Cohen: So, I called my video Radical Honesty, because I have a lot of stories, like we all do. Everyone has these humiliating or self-effacing stories. It’s more about things that have happened to me and less about me happening to […]

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The Necessary Magician: Irena Jurek Talks Work With Artist Evie Falci

Irena Jurek: When I look at your work I think about how it’s in dialogue with ancient ideas and the origins of abstraction. Kandinsky is often accredited with having invented abstraction, but it’s existed for so much longer than that. Evie Falci: If you look at Paleolithic art, it’s filled with spirals and dot work, […]

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3D prints, Robots, and Holograms: Casey Jane Ellison

Irena Jurek: Ok, so tell me which hotties you’re keeping an eye on this season. Casey Jane Ellison: I keep to myself. IJ: Your newest series, “What the F*shion,” parodies the fashion show genre, and deconstructs identity, status, and misogyny. Can you talk about what motivations led you to satirize fashion specifically? CJE: I wanted […]

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From Kitsch to the Coffin: Irena Jurek talks to Brent Birnbaum

Irena Jurek: You are an ardent collector of pop cultural ephemera. The lines between your art and collecting often blur. Did your interest in art as well as collecting develop simultaneously or did one precede the other? Brent Birnbaum: Certainly. I was collecting and saving things before I was making art. I just knew I […]

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Irena Jurek talks Painting and War with Caitlin Cherry

Irena Jurek: You hang your paintings off meat hooks, place them on pedestals, or even catapult them. Within all of your paintings there’s this idea of painting as object. Caitlin Cherry: At the core of it, there is this impulse to take traditional painting on stretchers and alter the way its displayed. I feel like […]

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