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Art Market Hamptons

Escape the city heat and make a trip out on Long Island for the return of Art Market Hamptons. Now in its fourth season at the Bridgehampton Historical Society, this exclusive art fair, which only has 40 galleries participating, brings the very best of modern and contemporary art to the Hamptons elite. For one weekend […]

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One Burning Question with Esther Ruiz

Esther Ruiz’s dynamic sculpture combines diverse materials such as concrete, plexiglas, natural stone, and neon, fusing the natural with the manufactured. Bright colors contrast with more subdued hues of nature, creating an ethereal effect. Her work plays with ideas of the future, tying technology to the environment in innovative ways.

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Curated: Kimberly Kitada Has Irons in the Fire

In regards to the curatorial field, the Internet has facilitated international collaborative projects and generated new possibilities for online exhibitions and platforms. For instance, I am currently part of an international curatorial collective called 7×8 comprised of 7 curators based in New York, Paris, Rome, Toronto, Vienna, and Singapore. Our recent projects include: contributing articles […]

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A Conversation with Brian Morris

Pete Tobey: You’re from New York City? Brian Morris: Yup. First generation American-Irish from Woodhaven, Queens. My folks grew up 100 miles or so from each other in Ireland, and met in The Bronx in ’68. I love New York. Lived all over, Brooklyn, Harlem, Astoria, Forest Hills, Little Italy, Alaska, and now LES. PT: Alaska? […]

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Robert Henry Contemporary: Connecting the Dots

Robert Walden and Henry Chung of Robert Henry Contemporary are a making a life in the art world work for them. The gallery they run together is a collaborative project, so it comes with the territory.  As Robert points out, “there is always a give and take…just like anything else in life.” While the cooperative […]

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Leah Oates Asks Associated Gallery the Hard Questions

Associated Gallery is an artist run space fueled by the combined energies of artists Jen Hitchings, Theresa Daddezio, and Julian Jimarez-Howard. They recently got together with Leah Oates to talk about what it means to be young artists running a gallery out of Bushwick. Leah Oates: How did Associated Gallery form and what is your collective vision for […]

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Sonic Weaponry with Smolenski and Szwed

It’d be funny to say that Konrad Smolenski is someone you will soon have heard of. Already a pretty big deal throughout Europe, he had the honor of representing Poland at the Venice Biennale this year and made quite the lasting impression. The exhibition, titled Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More situated two […]

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Corpus Americus at Driscoll Babcock

I’ve not been to a wax museum but I can imagine the Frankenstein on display might look something like Corpus Americus, the new group exhibition at Driscoll Babcock. Then again, the better analogy might be in the source material itself, in Shelly’s nameless creature who to this day stalks the starless wilds of our imaginations. […]

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Igniting a Force: Impromptu Self on Display

One sunny day in May 2012, I was sent to deliver a Bernadette Corporation DVD to Electronic Arts Intermix in Chelsea. As a happily semi-employed-unpaid intern, I took the opportunity to pop in a few galleries on the way back from the errand to make my trip worthwhile. With thirty minutes to spare, I poked […]

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Sonic & Visual Bricolage: The Work of Maxxx Von Wilmann

Maxxx Von Wilmann never created a separation between his musical experience and the creation of his visual art, one naturally lead into the other. Picking up a camera at the ripe young age of 13, Maxxx soon became engulfed in the allure of processing his own film and the timeless nature of the darkroom. He […]

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