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7th Annual Bushwick Film Festival

  7th Annual Bushwick Film Festival  October 2-5, 2014 Multiple locations Brooklyn, NY bushwickfilmfestival.com

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Dina Hasiakou

As an artist, working in various projects, I mainly focus on video art and paintings. Although I have a series of artwork based on a specific concept, the final artwork is abstract so it can be interpreted differently by each viewer. For my paintings I use plastic colors because they allow me to intervene directly […]

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Body Double: Brice Dellsperger at Team Gallery

The camera zooms in on small notepad and a pen poised motionless over the page, while the sounds of a pen scratching paper play over the film’s audio. This disconnect between image and reality is a frequent occurrence in the works of Brice Dellsperger’s evocative series, “Body Double: Vous N’en Croirez Pas Vos Yeux,” currently […]

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Loop Barcelona

Being the first fair devoted to video art, Loop promotes contemporary art and cinema by providing the space and attention needed for the artists. There will be a showcase of selected works of video and film presented by their galleries, and a special meeting ground for platforms, distributors, magazines and debates. Loop Barcelona June 5-7, […]

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Nicholas Alexander Boyd Opens The World of A.O. Scott

Nicholas Alexander Boyd: What made you decide to become a film critic? A.O. Scott: It wasn’t entirely my decision. I was always interested in criticism as a form of writing, and started out professionally writing about books. I had always been drawn to movies and interested in trying to write about them. I got a […]

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Community Organisms: Charlotte Meyer talks with Oded Hirsch

Charlotte Meyer: Your work has incorporated, and mainly been shot in the Israeli landscape. Your ideas have included raising something, a tractor from the earth in your most recent film elevating your father onto a high platform in your 2009 video 50 Blue, and saving somebody, as in the hanging entangled parachutist in Nothing New […]

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Loznitsa’s In the Fog and an Interview with the Director

The second feature film of the Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa, who is largely known for his documentary works, not only reached great attention at Cannes Festival in 2012, but stirred some debates as to his approach to the subject of war and humanity. In the events of WWII Belarus lost a quarter of its population […]

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Close to the Tower of Silence: Shirin Neshat by Nina Zivancevic

Shirin Neshat, originally from Iran, is a woman artist of an international repute. She always challenges the notion of femininity in her video work, her films, and her installations. Many things have already been written about her much awarded film Women without Men in which we see women, with or without men, who question all forms […]

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