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Beyond the Aural: Mark Jackson on Sound Art

I first became interested in sound art well before I became interested, or even knew anything about, curating.  However I was heavily influenced from a relatively young age by considerations that are essentially curatorial. I’ll have to give you a bit of background. In the late ‘80s I spent the school holidays in Kuwait. The […]

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Budhaditya Chattopadhyay’s Object Disorientation

My interest in sound art curating began when I started to question the practice of exhibiting sound in a gallery or public space. Can “sound” be “exhibited” at all? Isn’t that a basic fallacy, given the nature of sound? In addressing these fundamental questions from a conceptual angle, I tried to comprehend sound’s specific problem […]

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Catching up with the boys of Launch F18

Launch F18 didn’t just happen of its own accord—things shook out almost as if Tim Donovan and Sam Trioli were made to work together. They came to art from opposite angles. Sam started when he was quite young, finding the fire of inspiration in a failed glazing experiment in preschool. Tim found art much later […]

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