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One Burning Question with Ted Gahl

Ted Gahl’s paintings resist definition. Working mostly in abstraction, Gahl’s works often incorporate drawn elements and concise written phrases into their seemingly deep layers of gestural accumulation. Just as serious about abstraction as he is interested in cultural reference and the occasional joke, the artist unveils a longtime art crush in this week’s One Burning […]

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One Burning Question with Peter Demos

Peter Demos isn’t afraid to trim things back. Using a strategically reduced color palette and limiting his language of abstraction at every turn, his work is hard-edged, bold, and easy to identify as his own. To someone who just came across the work, it may look quite compositionally homogenous. In this week’s One Burning Question, […]

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Dina Hasiakou

As an artist, working in various projects, I mainly focus on video art and paintings. Although I have a series of artwork based on a specific concept, the final artwork is abstract so it can be interpreted differently by each viewer. For my paintings I use plastic colors because they allow me to intervene directly […]

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Anna-Kajsa Alaoui

My inspiration comes from the nature surrounding the area where I live in the south of Sweden, on an island in the Baltic, from the human body, and from within. The nearness of water and the open landscape creates a lot of light in various shapes, and the way that this light alters objects and […]

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Paul Scott Malone

My paintings, which are often referred to as “atmospheric expressionism” for their dreamscape colors and bizarre images, are largely an attempt to determine how far the human imagination can stretch itself, by allowing the work to push the limits of the mind’s eye. I believe the human imagination is as deep and as vast as […]

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Rita Kenyon

I’m driven by color—it excites and inspires me. As I paint, I’m conscious of the energies that colors possess, especially as agents of healing that can transform us. Color can change how we feel. I work fast and I’m always in motion, like dancing, I need space. Sometimes I work with paintings on the ground […]

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Everything Has a Dick: The Work of Tatiana Berg

Matthew Hassell: Surely you haven’t always painted quite the same way you do now. Could you tell me a little about where your work comes from and some of the experience that led you to make the work you are currently involved with creating? Tatiana Berg: I haven’t been painting for that long, relatively, but […]

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One Burning Question with Vince Contarino

Vince Contarino’s vivid abstractions make harmonious compositions out of seemingly disparate forms. Smoky swaths of brushwork melt in and out between elements of rigidly concise geometrical arrangements. Hear him tell NY Arts about one of his pivotal influences in this week’s release of our One Burning Question.

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Joan Mitchell: Trees at Cheim & Read

Joan Mitchell: Trees May 15 – August 29, 2014 Cheim & Read 547 West 25th St. New York City cheimread.com

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One Burning Question With Matt Mignanelli

NY Arts Magazine: Who is your most cherished “Art Crush?”  Matt Mignanelli: I’ve long admired the works of Ellsworth Kelly. The paintings have always spoken to me in a unique way, leaving memorable impressions with each encounter. There is a calm for me within his simplicity. His works exude a power that commands a space, […]

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