• Synoptic Pictures

    Date posted: April 6, 2011 Author: jolanta

    Paola Yacoub
    Jisr El Wati, off Corniche an Nahr. Building 13, Street 97, Zone 66 Adlieh.
    February 10–April 15
    The Beirut- and Berlin-based artist Paola Yacoub is best known for her collaborations with the French artist and architect Michel Lasserre. Since 2000, they have produced numerous projects that place words and images in curious conversation. Their self-described “synoptic pictures” and “elegiac landscapes” pair unspectacular, panoramic shots of Beirut and South Lebanon with texts of varying lengths, from brisk captions to expansive essays. Inextricably linked to the politics of Beirut’s postwar reconstruction, these works explore how a few words, paragraphs, or pages drastically alter one’s perception of an image, a territory, or a long, drawn-out history. The point is to initiate a series of interpretive acts, or what the artists call “a game of retorts.

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