• Suzanne Fortin

    Date posted: August 16, 2012 Author: jolanta

    Suzanne (SÜ) Fortin’s inspiration comes mostly from her experiences around the world, particularly in Africa, her “second home.” In creating her 3 dimensional art on canvas, she feels like an instrument through which pictures and words are played out on the canvas, as if, like an orchestra, each color, paper, wire, and recycled object becomes part of a symphony invoking associations with elements of earth and the human form.  Most of her subjects translate her interest in the people she has met in the world and her preoccupation with worldwide social problems such as poverty, sickness, slavery, lack of water, etc. In addition to these deeply emotional expressions, SÜ reveals her lighter side through humorous works depicting animals, humans and her birds nesting in her works!

    You can feel the moving, sublime qualities of her work. Using sensuous, romantic colors, they convey a rich passion that is compelling and create a dynamic sculptural relief of topography. Collectively, her contemporary works are vivid, expressionist paintings that communicate profound feelings to the viewer’s soul and spirit.



    *** This article was published by NY Arts Magazine, 2011. NY Arts Magazine is published by Abraham Lubelski. Sponsored by Broadway Gallery, NYC and World Art Media.

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