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    Date posted: April 29, 2015 Author: jolanta
    “Rhythms of Social Consciousness”   
    Curated by Nitza Tufiño & Marcos Dimas

    Tribute to: 

      Amiri Baraka
    Hosted by Sam Diaz

    Guest Poets: Bobby Gonzalez & Jani RoseSat May 9th 3-6pm 

    Tato Laviera

       Hosted by Seri Colon
    Guest Poets: Maria Aponte & Not4prophet

    To commemorate national poetry month ”The Rhythms of Social Consciousness” celebrates poets and artists who have maintained a high level of participation and commitment to social justice. The cadence , sounds of street beats punctuate a dedication to the spoken word with visuals, raising  Puerto Rican-Latino and African-American consciousness. The mixed medium visual statements will be interspersed with rarely seen photographs, slides, videos and archival materials, capturing this historic segment of the urban movement.

    Participating Artists and Contributors
    Marlis Momber, David Gonzalez, Maximo Colon, Geno Rodriguez, Marisol Diaz

    Jesus-Papoletto Melendez, Diana Gitesha Hernandez, Maria Aponte, Not4Prophet, Sandra Maria Esteves, Bobby Gonzalez, Jani Rose, Joe Pietri, Carmen Pietri,
    Sam Diaz, Willie Correa and others.

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