• Simon Jones

    Date posted: April 18, 2013 Author: mauri
    Courtesy of the artist.

    Courtesy of the artist.

    My painting is about conjuring up layered views. Painting is one of the most complex and expressive visual forms.   The method of application itself demands revision through contemplation – colours being mixed, loaded onto brushes and marks being made. I use colour as a celebration and for accessing something beyond the rational.  It is the means by which space must be expressed. Not necessarily an illusion of space but a living vibrant pictorial space.  I want to use colour to liberate space and create a fundamental beauty. The inspiration for my work may be triggered through events; human or historical, mythical or geographical.  The work isn’t illustrative, events provide a jumping off point.  The paintings are a way to describe the world and our place in it, not as a narrative but through the shadows, footprints and artefacts that mark our journey through life.


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