• Sevgi Çağal

    Date posted: August 19, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “She believes the essence of being lies hidden in the details.”


    Courtesy of the artist.

    Sevgi Çağal


    Sevgi Çagal is a painter-sculptor who was educated in the United States and France.

    Her works are recognized by their round, sensual forms and vibrant color. There is an inherent eroticism in her art. Çagal’s work is identified by smooth three dimensional forms contrasted by flat planes of color. Her previous works consisted of almost magnified details of organic forms. Detail has always been important to her: she believes the essence of being lies hidden in the details. Çagal’s sculptures capture the softness of flesh in bronze–which is a cold, hard medium.

    She has had over twentyfive solo exhibitions in Turkiye and abroad and has participated in international art fairs. Her work can be found in collections throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. Çagal currently resides and works in Istanbul, Turkey.

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