• Serioshka Hellmund

    Date posted: September 22, 2010 Author: jolanta

    I do art because if I don’t I become edgy and exasperated.

    I do art because if I don’t I become edgy and exasperated. It is not something I chose to do, but something that chose me. At times, I decide on what I will paint or draw, and these works are the works I talk to, on other occasions, the most exciting ones, is when the work talks to me, tells me what to do, shows me the way. For me, what I do is a mirror of where I am. Confusion, anger, loneliness, security, love, shows through the lines and colours of my work. It is my work that reveals who I am and where I am going to.

    Maybe it is that art is about oneself, and the relationship of the person with the world and it’s surroundings, maybe it is the constant questioning of the abstract, the words without definition, the travels without maps, the looks that betray the words. Art is a metaphyisical trade, to go into oneself, with no weapons and no armour. The place where you become nude in front of a multitude of faceless critics, but more importantly, in front of yourself, where you know exactly what are your fears, where are you avoiding the line or the colour that will expose you, the core of who you are.

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