• Sap, Straddle, and Joy

    Date posted: July 24, 2012 Author: jolanta

    Sap, Straddle and Joy

    1109 Dekalb Avenue, at Broadway
    Williamsburg / Greenpoint / Bushwick

    August 12 – September 2, 2012 
    Opening: Sunday, August 12, 6 – 9 PM

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    Wayfarers is ever so proud to present:

    Sap, Straddle and Joy

    Wayfarers presents an exhibition of painting, installation, sculpture works by Ana Lieberman, Celeste Pfau and Hannah Wides. Stroking, germinating, and whittling the works into the world, this show unabashedly emphasizes the joy and lust of art making. Much like an invasive Japanese vine, a balloon blown taught, or the elastic nature of a young cat’s body, these artists propose unfamiliar manifestations of power, strength and generous pleasure.

    One may expect to experience a combination of works that are reminiscent of a twig-legged bird standing atop a tree stump, carpeted in green moss – or – dried leaves and old buds float in an inflatable swimming pool under the thick-barked sapping tree – or – a thick, cylindrical stack of pancakes leaning to one side, black juices from the mulberries running down the sides and puddling on a delftware plate.

    Sap, Stradle and Joy is curated by Lena Takamori, a peer to the artists and a pal within the Wayfarers community.

    An Opening Reception for Sap, Straddle and Joy will be held August 12 from 6pm-9pm, and the work will be on display until September 2nd.

    George Ferrandi, Founder/ Director, Wayfarers
    (718) 486-7758

    Wayfarers is located at 1109 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 and is open Saturdays and Sundays, 12–6 pm, or by appointment. Tour groups are welcome.

    Wayfarers is a studio program and exhibition space dedicated to creating a community of makers who will champion each other, but also hold each others’ feet to the fire. We host solo exhibitions, critiques, drawing parties, group shows, live music, experimental performances, puppetry events, readings, workshops, video screenings and other inventive events. These events are usually open to the public, almost always cheap or free and designed with the same championing/feet scorching spirit in mind.


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