• Sandford Wurmfeld: Light & Dark

    Date posted: April 19, 2013 Author: mauri

    Image courtesy of Minus Space.

    Few have such a compelling hold on the use of color as Sandford Wurmfeld. A life-long student of the perceptual nuances of pigment, Wurmfeld’s current show highlights his ability to subtly infuse canvasses with a spectrum of hues. Initially coming across as monochromes, the work in Light and Dark reveals itself to be just the opposite.

    The artist has created complicated polychromes of gently nuanced gradients of pigment. They are structured around a tightly ordered iteration of his signature grid compositions and initially appear to be either black or white. Upon closer inspection, the plethora of subdued hues begin to delight the eye and open the works up as veiled worlds of chromatic encounters.

    March 29th – May 4th
    Minus Space
    111 Front Street, Suite 226
    Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA

    The exhibition closes May 4th and is very worth an extended visit.

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