• Sam Foley

    Date posted: November 23, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “Of late, I have also been taking a multi-media approach”


    Courtesy of the artist.



    The urban landscape is a subject that I have been focusing on now for a number of years. I find I am also drawn to painting forest/native landscapes, to the random patterns in nature and the freedom with which one can take when depicting rhythm within chaos. Of late, I have also been taking a multi-media approach, combining moving images with paint, something I wish to further within my practice. For me, it’s about keeping the process fresh, learning new skills and attempting to push oneself to take different approaches and challenges.
    *** This article was published by NY Arts Magazine, 2011. NY Arts Magazine is published by Abraham Lubelski. Sponsored by Broadway Gallery, NYC and World Art Media.

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