• Sally Aurisch

    Date posted: March 1, 2012 Author: jolanta



    “Most of us share common myths and legends.”


    Courtesy of the artist.

    Sally Aurisch

    I am possessed by the notion we each are the painters, the creators, of our dreams.

    Most of us share common myths and legends.

    It is fascinating to realize that such images are often symbols shared by many other cultures new and old  around the world.


    The egg represents The Resurrection by Christians at Easter and has always signified birth and regeneration. The Romans declared “Omne vivum ex ovo” (all life comes from the egg) while crocodile eggs are found in Egyptian tombs and the Greeks placed eggs on graves.

    The raven, sacred to Apollo is considered a bird of omen and prophesy.  In Australia many aborigines believe that a raven’s cry heralds death; it is a sentiment also once held true by Romans, Greeks and Celts. This dark bird perceived to be from the Underworld, is said to guard that realm’s treasure.

    The owl is associated with Athene, goddess of wisdom and features in Aesop’s fables while birds’ nests represent structure and security.

    Birds in general have always been regarded as messengers.

    Monkeys depict intuition and ingenuity and it is my observation that they, together with our animal ‘pets’ are evolving alongside us.

    Nature in all it forms is a constant source of reflection and inspiration.

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