• ROBERT BIRMELIN at Luise Ross Gallery

    Date posted: September 7, 2016 Author: jolanta



    the end of certainty

    Since 1960 Robert Birmelin has observed, worked, and exhibited his provocative
    paintings and drawings in New York City.

    In the end of certainty, Birmelin’s scenes feel specific yet carry a universal unease. The
    confusion and chaos of protests and uprisings, as well as the plight and
    disappearance of blue-collar work, provide his subject matter. The tension that exists
    between those who act and those who watch from afar is palpable. Birmelin is
    depicting people, caught in a tide of change they are incapable of riding and helpless
    to prevent. These changes ensnare us all.

    Grounded in basic, but very real fear of a world rendered strange, nothing is a given,
    and there is no higher power to protect us. While Birmelin’s paintings do at times
    imply that there is someone in control, this thought is not reassuring.

    Dates: 17 September – 29 October 2016
    Reception: Saturday 17 September 3 – 5 pm

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