• Peter Koschak

    Date posted: February 29, 2012 Author: jolanta



    “Improvising is unbelievably creative and releases the best results. ”


    Courtesy of the artist.

    Peter Koschak

    The paintings in my exhibition, can be described as visual artistic offerings to the spectators, inviting them to enter into an inner dialogue with the work and examine aspects of their own perceptions. Sometimes the seemingly lighter and more weightless compositions are more readily accessible to the beholder. Color progressions that are at first glance random develop a charming, yet harmonious, structure that is dominated by colors in manifold graduations and complements. For me, the development of the artistic concept and the inner image, occur simultaneously and manifest themselves in a successive artistic process oscillating between continual and spontaneous periods of work. Improvising is unbelievably creative and releases the best results.

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