• «Perverse taro Love spasm or death» a solo show by Dmitriy Fedorov

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    ISSMAG Gallery Moscow bravely presents «Perverse taro Love spasm or death» a solo show by Dmitriy Fedorov.

    exhibition opening 14 December 2015 Moscow, the factory «NIIDAR»

    The formidable and mysterious power of gender is the main motive of human aspirations and actions. But if love can be a source of the greatest virtues, including self-sacrifice, the sensual force carries the danger of transformation into all-consuming passion, similar to a volcano. Such love as an abyss, can be a source of the greatest evils, capable to absorb and destroy honor, status, health.

    No matter how far we have gone in time away from sadomasochistic beliefs of the ancient Greeks, from the Athenian and Babylonian cults of the phallus, from the bacchanalia of ancient Rome, the fluctuations of human morality have led to the hypertrophy of our darkest manifestations.

    Discarding Puritan and ascetic beliefs lets us become acquainted with the psychopathological phenomena of sexual life, enables us to expound the metaphysics of sex, that helps a person to overcome the curse of his own duality and separation from his higher nature as well as finding their patterns. Uranus generation of Eros: effeminization, psychosexual hermaphroditism, homosexuality, androgyny, and the enthusiastic exaltation, orgiastic cults of the mystery of initiation “sacred prostitution” and sexual obsession are present In the card spread of a fortuneteller. Shuffled cards are dealt face up or down, revealing the sacred aspects of sex on a serious and profound level. Lascivious irritations that transpire from the genital organs, are located in the rectum.

    The realm of Uranian love even in a distant time was dominated by the most perverse views and the most absurd errors affecting the law and public opinion. Undermining of the moral foundations, promiscuity and adultery inevitably leads to moral, material and political collapse. The psychopathological conditions of the population of the Roman Empire, Greece and France during the reign of Louis XIV and XV illustrate the tendency for decay. The denomination of the sexual instinct, inherent for the Age of the goddess of Kali, promotes sexual perversions, the AIDS epidemic, the spread of computer sex,that devour the subtlest energy of Eros.

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