• The Perceptual Shift by Michael Murphy

    Date posted: July 1, 2015 Author: jolanta



    – Brooklyn-based sculptor Michael Murphy has developed a revolutionary way of rendering a two-dimensional halftone images by introducing a third-dimension. It is a 3-D halftone; a three dimensional composition that renders an illusion of a flat graphic halftone image. Within that graphic image is the illusion of volume and three-dimensional space.  The video showing the installation of the piece has compiled over 2 million views on Facebook in just two days and is really causing a stir around the world. 

    The sculpture, is an image of a singular eye which is a reference to the Eye of Providence. The imagery of the eye is inspired by the mass surveillance and data collection being conducted by the United States government. The process video has compiled over 2 million views on Facebook and is really causing a buzz around the world.

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