• Peggy Zehring

    Date posted: September 11, 2012 Author: jolanta
    For years, I have traveled many continents in search of universal visual truths from which to formulate a global unity of forms and symbols. As a result of my search, I use the ratios of irrational numbers such as the Golden Mean Proportion as an underlying architecture to my work.  I use simple shapes and forms variously combined and layered with thickly textured materials to explore geometric relationships and to create bas-relief sculptural effects.  I seek wabi sabi materials which have been softened and aged by the earth.  The harnessing materials including wood, canvas, leather straps and buttons were found in my favorite Colorado junkyard as an old disintegrating tent.  The found objects and wall paint texturizers are held together with vinyl spackle, paint and acrylic  mediums (the binders for acrylic paints).

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