• Peer Kriesel

    Date posted: March 28, 2011 Author: jolanta
    Peer Kriesel

    Peer Kriesel is shocked about this crazy world.



    Data protection and an apparently increasing confusion within the society, the conflict between traditional aesthetics, old values and the new beauty – these are some of the topics the artist Peer Kriesel is dealing with in his work.
    Since years, the artist concentrates on these issues and is inspired by the neglect and the disappearance of real aesthetics, but also the real anti-aesthetics.

    In a playful and experimental way Kriesel’s work takes you by the hand and you can find yourself in a fabulous surrounding. At the same time, you are confronted with this real world of information flow and stimulus satiation – a violent and frustrated world.
    This clash experiences Kriesel in his every day life, his work is influenced by it. Kriesel terms that as defekt – defect (Defektivismus – defectivism).

    Kriesel tries to face this defect and distorted situation by showing his Fratzen (grimaces) in a surreal manner. On paper and canvas he draws with fine lines and a gestural expression quirky figures, anxious miens, ruined livelihoods, but also funny and ridiculous looking characters.
    “These grimaces are also the grimaces you can meet on Facebook, MySpace and other ‘communities’ and on TV as well. They grin at you all over the place, e.g. when you look at Big Brother, all these casting shows or the Jungle Camp.”

    Peer Kriesel is shocked about this crazy world. His inner fight concerning the acceptance of this world he shows by drawing and “blotting” his grimaces – almost restlessly. He is searching for the perfect, ideal Fratze, a Fratze who personifies “total emotion and absolute power”, he says.
    This happens, when hope, love, anger and happiness come together in one face.

    Peer Kriesel

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