• Organizers of Chinese fair are discussing Pierre Huber’s future

    Date posted: February 15, 2008 Author: jolanta

    According to a source close to the fair organisers, the Geneva dealer Pierre Huber may be forced to resign as artistic director of ShContemporary, which launched in Shanghai in September with 120 dealers. Mr Huber is involved in a legal dispute with the Parisian dealer Enrico Navarra (The Art Newspaper, November 2007, p69), who has accused Mr Huber of numerous conflicts of interest. Mr Navarra cites the ShContemporary catalogue cover which features a work of art from Mr Huber’s own gallery. He also says Mr Huber accompanied VIPs to artists’ studios in Shanghai and then suggested purchases should be made through him. Mr Huber’s lawyer says Mr Navarra "owes Mr Huber money", which accounts for the allegations.




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