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    Date posted: January 31, 2008 Author: jolanta

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    Artist Li Yongfei:
     "When I paint I feel, that this experience has come to me before, but
    from where, I do not know," Li Yongfei says of his intuitive approach
    to painting.  It may be de ja vous that Li Yongfei feels, but what is
    transmitted through his paintings is a universal energy alluding to
    hidden truths and timeless philosophy.  Li Yongfei works both in the
    classical Chinese painting style, using ink and water on paper, and in
    his very own contemporary style, bringing layer upon layer of water,
    ink, oil and metal.  Through his appraoch the paintings acheive
    timeless visual qualities, expressing the idea that life in the
    present moments holds infinite familiarity with past.  Ideas from the
    ancient texts of the Dao De Jing inspire Li Yongfei’s work immensely,
    and inform the natural and varied patterns of his brushstokes.

    Artist Yang Xinguang:
    Yang Xinguang is a sculptor and performance artist who alters the
    physical characters of natural objects with the conceptual scheme of
    returning to the beginning of time, a time with only the earthly
    essence from which all life comes exists.  His work raises to question
    the relationship between two different worlds, mankind’s civilization
    and the natural world.  "Which is stronger, mankind or the earth?"
    asks Yang Xinguang.  In his mind he envisions a place at the beginning
    of time before man, filled with mountains, trees, stones, streams.
    Cutting large riverbed stones from roughly into awkward blocks, Yang
    Xinguang attempts to bring the stone to it’s original state, it’s
    condition before time has ground it into smooth roundness.  "At birth
    we are all very unique, and slowly, over time we are shaped by society
    into common form."  Yang Xinguang does not consider his works
    sculpture, but rather natural materials expressing their inherent

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