• Noris Dias

    Date posted: October 30, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “I use strong colors, sometimes almost pure-ones.”

    Courtesy of the artist.

    Noris Maria Dias


    Searching for simplicity; I want to express emotions, opinions combined with a vibrating mixture of colors and figurative symbolism. I want to tell a story from the beginning, initiate a discussion, make people think and let them dream. The painting is universal. There is no hindrance of language. It’s visual emotion. It’s magic. I mix experiences from different places I have lived. Being a woman and mother; I see the world from a feminine point of view. I am questioning my situation and I identify myself with Mother Nature. I dislike the direction our society has taken and the choices taken by our leaders. We urgently need a global, feminine and social re-thinking.

    I love beauty, ethics, the subtle balance and the dualism of our existence. I use strong colors, sometimes almost pure-ones. Working with oil on canvas, I let the colors almost dry, each time creating new layers, enjoying my imagining that I create sculptures of colors.

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