• NECROMANTISCH DarkArt Made in Switzerland

    Date posted: March 28, 2008 Author: jolanta

    Through my art I express my inner self. It is art that allows me to combine the surreal world with reality. Like a mirror, NECROMANTISCH sculptures and paintings instantly confront the spectator. 


    Michel Teuber is a Swiss artist and musician.

    Michel Teuber, Alien Elite, 2004. Courtesy of the artist.

    NECROMATISCH plays with different conceptions of human reality, exposing prejudices and beliefs. Stop thinking of morality, either good or evil. Only those who free themselves from this obstructing duality of thoughts are able to perceive the power that emanates from men! Only free men can live on free breath—symbolized by gas masks and tubes—those still enslaved are aware only of nails and pain.

    I am an animal among others. This is reality and truth. I call myself human, the most evil of all animals, for only mankind has the gift to intentionally harm any other animal, human or not.   

    In this life only my self-awareness induces constructive deeds. I strive for complete self-realization. This is what drives me onward. To free oneself from slavery, one must stop thinking like a gregarious animal. I live accepting my sins. Only my sins fulfill my life in a physical, spiritual, and emotional way. I enjoy life among the pack. I stride as a wolf in sheep’s clothing through a world long enslaved and dead.

    My motto is “Be aware of yourself!” It pushes me to present my creations to a wider public. My exhibitions are accompanied by my own music, a special touch I like to add. My current CD is called BIOMECHANIK. All the sounds were recorded during the artistic process of making my work and creating the surreal world of NECROMANTISCH.

    I think every man has his own distorted picture of our world. Everyone shapes it according to how they need and want it to be. My world presents you with new images. If you take notice of them, you will form your own view on this world. Maybe you’ll even agree that we must destroy to create!


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