• Nana Dankwa

    Date posted: September 30, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “Both Western education and African myths have had a large impact on me.”


    Courtesy of the artist.

    Nana Dankwa

    I was born in Kumasi, Ghana. In the early 80’s I studied and practiced private art lessons at the University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Fine Arts) with Dr. Kojdo Edusei in Kumasi, Ghana. Nana Dankwa is an inter-disciplinary artist making oil paintings, acrylic wall paintings, ceramic/wood sculptures, metal castings, theater, scripts and designing and directing performance with special effect. Both western education and African myths passed down by my great-grand-mother in my youth at the village, has created a large impact on me, and has added further discovery in the world of painting.

    Constant themes in my work are: freedom, sadness, African identity, Western identity, humanity, survival, nature, technology, and tradition.

    I live in Antwerp with my family, but I also travel regularly between Antwerp and The Netherlands and other European countries.

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