• Moberg’s Big Break

    Date posted: November 19, 2012 Author: jolanta

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    Moberg’s Big Break
    By Paul Gost

    Moberg Gallery in Des Moines is in full swing this Fall with it’s 10th Anniversary exhibit.  Co-owner T.J. Moberg waS in his 20s when he and his father bought the brick building as a consignment shop. The space doubled as a studio for the two working artists.  Now Moberg is the area’s forerunner of corporate, public and residential art.  This show proved to be it’s most exciting.  The stars of this year’s show were John Phillip Davis, TJ Moberg, Heather Brammeier, Lynn Basa, Frank Hansen and Thomas C. Jackson.

    The exhibit showcased primarily large scale works with nearly 45 artists represented by the gallery on view.  The works on display ranged from the thoughtful to the provocative – challenging the viewer to interpret today’s culture and artistic climate.  And it’s a show that puts the gallery on the map.

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