• Maryam Javanbakht, MD, MPH

    Date posted: June 10, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “Based on my ideas regarding the art, I always tried to convey the feeling of Persian poetry to all audiences.”


    Courtesy of the artist.

    Maryam Javanbakht, MD, MPH


    I believe that art is the language of sentiment and sentiment belongs to humanity. So the language of art is the language of feelings and belongs to all people. A unique work of art would be able to convey a feeling to everyone. This feeling is not necessarily the same that the artist felt. It depends on the audience. The feeling that art creates in somebody, can be different from person to person, it may depend on our personality and experiences during past lives. Some feel more sorrow, others more fear, but overly art always has a sentiment hidden inside. I have always had a profound appreciation and love for Persian literature; I studied and sometimes recited the poems by heart. Based on my ideas regarding their art, I always try to convey the feeling of Persian poetry to all audiences. That has led me to pursue using color and painting alongside calligraphy, enabling me to portray the mood and sentiments of the poem onto paper and thus exit from the normal set of principles of calligraphy and enter into the realm of a new style of art known as painting-calligraphy called Naqashi khat. It usually looks like an Impressionist-Abstract style.

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