24 Hours and By Appointment, 2005
Performance by Abraham Lubelski


24 Hours and By Appointment, 2005
Performance by Abraham Lubelski

June 29th – July 9th
Roger Smith

During the week of June 29th, 2005, Abraham Lubelski will be
presenting "24 Hours and By Appointment" at The Roger Smith hotel in
New York. The performance is conceived as a public enactment of
everyday life, turning the inside outside. Lubelski will do normal
things, but hope for something extraordinary to happen.

Born in war-torn Magnitagorsk, Siberia, Lubelski fled south and then
west as a young child. He has wandered around the world, hoping to
find, create and recreate the nostalgic notion of home and love ever
since. Lubelski uses surroundings to transform the mundane of daily
life into observation, incident, spontaneity, serendipity and
encounter. Seizing the moment is the core of the performance; it is
about desire. He will meet, engage in conversations, share a meal or
become lovers with willing artists and visitors during the week-long
show. Anyone can show up for an exchange with the artist.

The gatherings as performance will be recorded on video. The
documentation will reflect the ease/difficulty of finding and
maintaining the spontaneity and the intimacy necessary in creative
work. It will also not look much like art, which is what Lubelski
wants. It may look more like life, performed.

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