- 2007

Home Base II:

My dad still lives in the home where I grew up. One
day he called me, sounding kind of irritated, and
apparently overwhelmed by clutter in the house.

He told me "It's time for you to come over and go
through your old books. They're taking up too much
space and if you don't want them we should get rid of

"OK dad," I said, "I'll try to get over to sort them
as soon as I can. I'm a little busy right now, but
don't throw anything away."

After a month or so, I called and said "Hey dad, I'm
ready to come over and decide which books I want to
take and to get them out of your hair."

"Oh," he answered, "you can't have them right now.
I've turned them all into a sculpture which I'm
enjoying, so you'll have to wait until I'm done with it."

Nava Lubelski