• Long March

    Date posted: January 31, 2008 Author: jolanta

    Lu Jie: The Long March is a difficult thing. One problem is my lack of sufficient theoretical and curatorial preparation. A bigger problem is that envisioning and planning are nothing more than envisioning and planning. Later, when we hit the road, it was "the road that led us along", Note 1 and the whole feel of the project was changed utterly. In many cases, when we actually went to realize an artist’s proposal, the artist’s feeling and intention was different from the effect finally produced. Other changes were made on account of the people we encountered, or the spaces we used, all of which stand in interactive relation to the project itself. In this process change is a constant. Perhaps when we were actually there we felt that there were tremendous obstacles. Or rather, we felt like things we did were failing? But we were very open, taking failure as experience, as a way to accumulate material. But when we got to the eleventh site, I sprouted some new ideas and decided that things as they stood were not good enough, that we must stop. Later, when we got to the twelfth site, we were continuously debating this question with our artists and our curatorial team. In the end, we decided to stop, to declare the project "an uncompleted completion." 



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