• Lasse Kempas

    Date posted: November 10, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “Nature asks us to listen again.”

    Courtesy of the artist.


    The beginning of the century struck the arts through a new direction: functionalism. The basic idea of functionalism, is the glorification of technology. Today, we need technology; it is an integral part of everyday life.

    Nature asks us to listen again. The artist detects trends, ways of seeing and looks for the lost threads. Artists show us the way.
    As a kid I was interested in nature, music and drawing. At the time I didn’t know what the relationship was. I only know that I have been interested in drawing as long as music. I was a grown man when the desire to make paintings won out. 

    I began studying art at the age of 27 in Turku Drawing School. At that time some of my works were publicly discussed, but I was still an amateur. At school, I learned oil painting techniques. I found that painting watercolors suited me best; I felt that it was the best kind of painting, it seemed airy and light.  Watercolors are seemingly simple but are actually a very demanding technique.

    *** This article was published by NY Arts Magazine, 2011. NY Arts Magazine is published by Abraham Lubelski. Sponsored by Broadway Gallery, NYC and World Art Media.

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