• Language and Perception

    Date posted: March 22, 2011 Author: jolanta

    Writing on René Magritte’s famous pairing of an image of a pipe with the phrase CECI N’EST PAS UNE PIPE, Michel Foucault argued that the artist creates an “unravelled calligram,” in which text and image operate not in terms of glib resemblance but as a ruined tautology. This formulation serves as an apt entrée to the work of Uruguayan Conceptual artist Luis Camnitzer, whose photographs, works on paper, installations, and mixed-media sculptures often force art, politics, and the viewing subject into similarly untenable semiotic confrontations. This exhibition and its accompanying catalogue offer an opportunity to revisit Camnitzer’s more oblique investigations into language and perception through some fifty works made between the mid-1960s and the present, drawn primarily from the Daros Collection in Zurich, where the show premiered in spring 2010. Luis Camnitzer, El Museo Del Barrio, New York, Through May 29, Curated by Hans-Michael Herzog.

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