• Kristina Garon

    Date posted: March 2, 2011 Author: jolanta
    Kristina Garon

    I never looked for my style. It came to me.



    I never looked for my style. It came to me. I believe that the only one way to develop a style is to continue to work. Thinking about style instead of being engaged in the creative process is artificial.

      My paintings have a deeper, fuller, clear meaning that can’t be seen at first glance. It is reflection of my life experience and positive thoughts fueled by my intuition and imagination.

    When I paint, silence is one of the most important factors to me. It helps me to stay in focus. I cultivate intuition. When I paint I know exactly when I need to stop because my intuition tells me that my painting is finished. Intuition is a natural source of wisdom that resides within each person. When I start the creative process I open myself to all possibilities.  I’m open to experimentation. I believe that there is no risk in the creative process. If you are not satisfied with your creation, you simply continue to create until you reach the point when you are mesmerized with what appears in front of your eyes.

      I like my paintings to be a combination of bold, aggressive strokes and delicate, gentle, intricate detail. The colors in my paintings are a combination of bright and happy colors with more sober blues.  It reflects how life is, a combination of joy and sorrow. 

    When I studied art in the Academy of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania, we were required to follow the rules of Social Realism. At that point I used mainly oil paint. It was not until I came to America that I learned how to work with acrylic and create abstract works. Only then I begin to express myself as an artist without limitations.

      From my life experience I strongly believe that we can achieve whatever we want in our lives if we do not give up and continue to move toward our goals, despite difficulties. We must always hold on to hope, which is there even for those who do not believe in it. These positive thoughts have been an influence on one of my recent painting The Ray of Hope.

      I strongly believe that a visual artist needs to have intuition, imagination, work discipline, and no fear of the creative process.

    The purpose of my ongoing project of work is to bring the inspiration I get from great art masters into my studio in a meaningful way, providing a deeper experience of my humanity, as well as the humanity of others. The current focus of my work remains as the desire to portray what I feel is relevant to my existence. The stories of my subjects are often interchangeable with my own story. I focus my attention on people whose stories and personal power inspire me to work. I am a painter of stories. I find stories in the faces of others.

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