• Katerina Kampiti Update

    Date posted: March 25, 2008 Author: jolanta
    Broadway Gallery Alumna, Katerina Kampiti has just been included in a new book on photography that was published by Mellisa publications and includes Kampiti’s work. It is a very important book on the history of photography in Greece, which is going to be published in an English edition very soon.

    Additionally, she just had a solo show in Greece that was very successful. It took place at "Naias" Gallery in Naoussa from February 27 to March 10. The space was an old renovated building of stones and wood in the center of the city near a river with a fantastic view.  It took place during the carnival time in Greece, linking the "Boules and Yannitsaroi" festival with her work. The space was very beautiful and many people attended the exhibition. She showed a trilogy of three works (40 framed pictures and an installation):

    1. Winter Solstice
    2. Astoria Nocturnes
    3. KAMPITI Street

    It was very well received by the audience and the press and she also sold 14 pieces.


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