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    Date posted: March 8, 2015 Author: jolanta

    March 13, 2015

    From: Fredrik Redan
    Subject: Text to journal, letter via Hans
    Date: March 13, 2015 at 4:17:19 AM EDT

    Read about Hans Andre and came to think of his early years when he worked together with Staffan Hallström.

    Staffan who were older and well-established artist, he later received the title of professor, began his collaboration with Hans already in 1970.

    Together they had two years project grants from the Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts to develop graphic and photographic art.

    In addition to lithographs and the like, they also made a 16 mm film, a very different one, about Paris Metro.

    Which also resulted in an exhibition at Gallery Prisma in Stockholm for the imposing Leif Nielsen.

    Leif came originally from Denmark and it was needed, apparently, a Danish to revive the provincial Swedish art world.

    Below is a collage, made around -70, and the whole picture is imaginary, assembled from various parts, noting among other things that it is the same house that’s used.

    And this was 45 years ago!

    They were ahead of their time.


    From: Hans Andre
    Subject: Dear Abraham
    Date: March 4, 2015 at 6:03:39 AM EST
    To: David Abrams
    Reply-To: Hans Andre
    I do not know if the text was what you expected.
    Now to something completely different:
    From one thing to another, I understand that the economic climate makes it maybe difficult to start up a blog, but perhaps a beginning is to have something like “Letters to the Editor”?
    Anyway, a short story, when I think of You  I will always think of Leif Nielsen. Leif was a Dane who came to Stockholm in the sixties and realized that it needed a force to collect and display of modern Swedish art. He gathered what came to be known as the “angry” artists. Many of whom went on to become prominent. I was around 20 when I together with Staffan Hallström, very famous painter and later a professor at the Academy, had my first exhibition at Leif. Later, I had over the years other exhibitions with him. He died a few years ago, more than eighty years old. But, and this was where I wanted to come, he was a unique driver who saw the potential of artists. Although the galleries not always made some money, sometimes he was forced to work as a waiter …., but he never gave up. The driving force was to showcase the new, exciting and different.
    When I now look back, I’ll be 65 this year,  I see that there are very few left with the same drive.
    Perhaps this is a generational issue, notwithstanding which, such as Leif and You are unique.
    Collage 1970

    Collage 1970

    All the best
    Hans Andre


    MARCH 11, 2015

    Subject: Re: Перешли мне это обратно.
    To: Abraham Lubelski

    Im the artists  but  I do not like this  Name , they call themselves special but i think more important for the society is cook , taxi driver or cleaning lady

    ,,Artists’’  think  they  are  very important  for  society that’s  maybe a true  but  the thing is  they have to be useful and they  have to  work  for  society

    Abraham  Lubelski  did  a good  job for   the artist ;;;  why  you ask… i tell you .. for 2000 $ you can be visible in the center of  art World .. Soho NY

    Than if you get this possibility take care for your self  call  curators , journalist and let them now,, invite for an exhibitions ,, they can see your Art in real ..and can judge ,, if is good or  so so art
    in my opinion exposure is one thing and sales is something different

    Lots  of  ,,artists ‘’ think they are very special but if you look at their works ,,,is  not so special the ,, artists ‘’ think 😉



    March 9, 2015

    What do critics of art have to do with the making of art? Are you impacted in the making of your art by what other people say?
    The art work I most prefer to make must speaks for itself. Most of the time I fail but must keep trying.

    Please reply and submit an image of your own work for publication at publisher473@gmail.com

    Performance Series, Venice Biennale. Abraham Lubelski

    Performance Series, Venice Biennale. Abraham Lubelski


    March 03, 2015

    I do not really like to talk about my painting.
    However, just to paint because it is beautiful or aesthetically, I do not find it meaningful.
    I’m always looking for different layers in my paintings, ie. different ways for the viewer to see them on.
    Ideally is if the viewer over time can see the other layers and levels of my paintings than what they saw first.
    There must be an idea’ and thought that in turn can create other thoughts and ideas.
    At a time when there is always the question of  a “quick fix” ,it´s needs images which can be viewed over a longer time perspective as well as content.
    As a fellow human beings, it is our responsibility to take care of our daily lives.

    Hans Andre

    Please write me a short “journal” about your work that I may edit and place on the web site.
    Stay strong and healthy.Spring is always a fresh beginning.

    All the best,

    On Mar 3, 2015, at 6:51 AM, Hans Andre wrote:

    >     Dear Abraham,
    >     I hope all is well.
    >     Up here in Stockholm, spring has finally started to come, and thus also the light.
    >     Which makes life a little easier.
    >     Enclosed please find my latest painting:
    >     Reminiscence
    >     All the best
    >     Hans Andre
    >     www.hansandre.com

    Hans Andre, Reminiscence

    Hans Andre, Reminiscence

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