• Jean-Marc Schwaller

    Date posted: October 23, 2011 Author: jolanta

    “the essence of his art being the interplay of color.”

    Courtesy of the artist.

    Jean-Marc Schwaller

    “Jean-Marc Schwaller’s monumental oil paintings are being shown at the MAHF: a magnificent exhibition. His paintings appear to be hewn and then smoothed as if with a knife but without the density of the material ever diminishing the translucency of his light. While for many, the smaller pieces may prove to be ‘easier’ than the spaces of the larger paintings – and the artist does exhibit a series of smaller watercolors – he is at ease with himself when he can give unbridled rein to the freedom and the poetic spirit within him.

    Thus it is that his Jardins d’Eau (Water Gardens) were created, the essence of his art being the interplay of color, of iridescences, passages that draw in the viewer between monumental dark blocks and majestic cliffs. Drawn by the light, a great light that can be divined within the canvas, the viewer is made captive.”
    –Laurence Chauvy excerpt from LE TEMPS, 2011
    Translated by Lesley Perron.

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