• Jason Stopa interviews Bruce Livingstone

    Date posted: March 7, 2011 Author: jolanta
    Jason Stopa interviews Bruce Livingstone from Saatchi Online at Scope Fair 2011

    Jason Stopa interviews Bruce Livingstone from Saatchi Online at Scope Fair 2011

    TYPOE, “Confetti Death”. Courtesy of Spinello Gallery.


    Jason Stopa: How long has Saatchi been involved with Scope?  What makes this fair unique for Saatchi?  

    Bruce Livingstone: Saatchi Online has been involved with Scope since 2007. Over the last few years we have exhibited artists from Saatchi Online at Scope’s Fairs in Basel and London. This is our first exhibition in New York. The Scope Fair is very important for Saatchi Online artists as it gets their work in a commercial environment and in front of potential collectors. Most of the artists will also be at the fair to meet people.  

    JS:  Looking at the Saatchi Online website it appears there is a heavy emphasis on abstract painting.  Saatchi is known for promoting a lot of Neo-expressionism and its derivatives.  Is this presentation at the fair a new direction?  

    BL: Saatchi Online is open to all artists making any kind of work, so what you’re seeing on the site and at Scope is representative of the community of artists and current trends.  

    JS:  What kinds of work can we expect to see from Saatchi at the booth at Scope this year?  

    BL: Any special surprises?  A range of photography, figurative and abstract painting, sculpture and some conceptually driven works. Midori Harima’s sculptures are particularly striking.  

    JS:  Any emerging artists we should look out for this year?  

    BL: There has been a lot of interest in paintings by Agnes Barley, Kristen Schiele and Noa Charuvi.  

    JS:  Is painting still a healthy investment?  

    BL: After taking a bit of a dip recently, the art market has come back in a fury. Collectors are buying again in full force and the savvy ones are diversifying their portfolios. One of the great things about buying on Saatchi Online is that you’re buying early in an artist’s career so the prices are very affordable.

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